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Established in 1997, Impact Engineering, Inc. provides technical, innovative mechanical and electrical engineering solutions for projects across North America. Impact Engineering’s hands-on approach to engineering assignments ensures professional engagement every phase of design, construction and turnover.
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We have engineering design expertise in every legal cannabis market

Impact Engineering, Inc has unmatched experience working with cultivators across North America and Europe.

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mechanical engineering for living buildings

Environmental Controls Impact Sustainability and Yields

At Impact (also known as Grow2Guys), we have helped customers complete more than 300 projects across North America ranging from 5,000 square feet to 300,000 square feet.

With nearly 15 years of experience designing mechanical and electrical systems for cannabis environments, we focus on environmental controls to ensure the optimal cultivation environment.
Provide a more stable environment through VPD
Maximize plant health and yields
Minimize crop loss
Minimize utility costs and resource consumption
Save on Capital Expense (CapEX)
Maximize sustainability

You may not be able to feel or experience temperature or humidity fluctuations, but your plants do.

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By focusing on delivering successful outcomes, our engineering design solutions are aligned to our customers’ objectives and to create a positive impact.

Environmental Controls for Building
and Plant Performance

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300+ projects in controlled environment agriculture

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